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Johnstone Creek

Ever since we left the frigid domain of the parkway it has been harder and harder for me to write. Warm sandy beaches seem to have a more compelling draw then the keyboard. We have been fortunate to have very nice camp spots right on the lake at every place we stay. It’s nice to … Continue reading »

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Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon

There has been so much (driving) going on it’s hard to remember where to start. I guess that’s the reason we blog. As we finished breakfast in Boulder City, Kara points out the trailer window behind me and says “Roadrunner!” neither of us had ever seen one and I don’t even know how she knew … Continue reading »

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Mt. Saint Helens by Helicopter

As many of our faithful readers already know, I was born around the same time that Mt. Saint Helens popped. I remember my Dad talking about driving to the hospital with Mom and the air was so thick with ash from the eruption that it seemed to be dark. So when Kara suggested we go … Continue reading »

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A good day for a Tram ride in Jasper

Part of the reason that we made haste back to Jasper is because the clouds were predicted to clear skies today. So this morning we headed up to the Jasper Tramway first thing in the morning. The lineup was pretty short, we only waited for 2 cars. In 7 minuets we were at 2277 meters. … Continue reading »

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Mosquito Creek back to Jasper

So today we woke up to another day of rain! We were planning on stopping at Rampart Creek only 66 km from Mosquito Creek. So off we went in the rain and snow! When we got to Rampart Creek we were not looking forward to setting up the trailer in the snow. The spots were … Continue reading »

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