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Mosquito Creek

Posted by on September 9, 2012

Mosquito Creek Campground was on the top of our list of campgrounds to visit on this trip. The name may sounds scary to some, but not to someone from Saskatchewan!! Last time we were here we enjoyed relaxing at our camp site by the river and meeting lots of interesting people. If you can recall this is where we met Frank and Isabel from Switzerland and Peter and Judy from Germany. Both couples embarking on trips across Canada and down to the tip of South America. We enjoyed keeping in contact and their stories were inspiring.

Anyway, back to Mosquito Creek! We were able to get the camp spot that we were hoping for. A small spot beside the river, fairly treed but still with enough sunlight to keep our solar charged. Everyday we took our camping chairs down to the riverbank and enjoyed the views and nice weather. Even Lincoln put his quest for inspecting every squirrel aside and relaxed in the warm sun.

We were very happy to meet another Swiss couple, Fabian and Fabion. Yes, that was a little hard to keep straight at first, but in no time we were enjoying each others company and stories. Fabian and Fabion had rented a Pleasure Way van and had 3 weeks to tour BC and Alberta. It is interesting to see that even though we are half a world apart we still have lots in common.

We also enjoyed the company of another couple from Wisconsin, Gene and Patsy. They introduced us to some great games with dominoes, including a newly invented one called “Canadian Train”. We will have to invest in a set of dominoes as a trailer staple! We had originally met Gene and Patsy as we joined them under the only tree on top on the Wilcox pass in the middle of a snowstorm! We were both interested in doing some more hiking, minus the snowstorm of course. We joined Gene and Patsy for a short hike to Peyto Lake and the much more challenging Lake Louise Tea House hike. For this hike we opted to leave Lincoln out due to the level of difficulty and popularity. This 14 km round trip hike gains 1000 ft in elevation and is definitely not for those afraid of heights! The end result was a cute little Swiss tea house; very basic with much effort put in to keep it “original”. We opted out of eating at the tea house and enjoyed our trail mix, fruit bars, and water with great views and conversation.

Now we are off to Kicking Horse campground in Yoho National Park. It is hard to believe that we are just over a week in. Our trip has been so enjoyable and eventful. We are happy to be keeping up with our exercise and healthy food prep routine. Lincoln is having a blast as well. He is enjoying all the new sights and sounds, especially the squirrels!

4 Responses to Mosquito Creek

  1. Amber

    Love the Lake Louise Tea house!!! Last time I was there I had a wonderful tuna sandwich on basically what seemed like a loaf of bread and pound of butter haha!
    I also cut across to the Lake Agnes Teahouse on the way back down for dessert!
    But love those hikes:)
    Great pictures!

  2. Dawn

    Gorgeous photos!

  3. Dana C

    Hi Kara! I stumbled across your wonderful blog reading through some posts on puppy advice on the Boston Terrier Forums, and just wanted to say your beautiful boy Lincoln looks like hes growing up so fast! I actually had a quick question for you regarding the type of “exercise pen” I see that you utilized in some of your videos, particularly in “Lincoln Comes Home”

    The larger black cage surrounding his travel crate looks exactly like waht were looking for when our new baby girl arrives home in a few weeks but I cannot seem to find anything just like it shopping online. Any brand shopping advice for something similar for a fellow BT owner would be great!

    • Kara

      It’s actually a pretty common pen, often called X-pens or exercise
      pens. They are sold at almost all big box pet stores. They are
      intended for outdoor use to keep young pups in place in the back yard. Ours (like most) have 8 panels 2 ft square. You can also get 3 ft versions but that seemed too big for a Boston. Anyway, we used 1/2in pvc electrical conduit and tie straps to hold 3
      segments in a straight line, this way we have a 6ft x 2ft pen that
      fits our space well.