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Kick, Snip, and a Dip

Posted by on September 17, 2012

Sorry everyone! It’s been a long time since we’ve posted! I guess that means that we are really relaxing now. So we left you at Kicking Horse. It was just as we remembered it; lots of rain and lots of trains. Unfortunately we had two full days of rain so we didn’t get a chance for any big adventures. Jason was a good sport in letting me practice my portrait photography down by the river during the reprieve from the rain. Lincoln and I did some walking around the campground in what I now realize, are matching rain jackets. This was not planned. I guess we both look stunning in bright blue.

On our way through Golden I decided it was time to drop a few pounds. My hair was becoming harder to care for on such a long trip. I was looking for a fast drying, easy to style, modern look. It was time for a change!

After my makeover we were planning on staying in Glacier National Park (the Canadian one, not the US one – confusing!). As we drove through the pass, sandwiched between logging trucks, in borderline freezing rain, we decided to move to a warmer climate. In no time we were parked on the sunny beaches of Canada.

We stayed at Pierre’s Point just outside of Salmon Arm. We basically had the whole place to ourselves and enjoyed campfires right on the beach and great views. Due to previous flooding the water was not so tempting and we stayed on land and relaxed. One really neat feature was a fenced dog park within the campground with a doggie beach. Good on them!

From there we continued on into Kelowna. What bad can one really say about Kelowna!? I guess if you don’t like fresh fruit, warm weather, and scenic views then it is not for you. We stayed at Bear Creek Provincial Park. I was jonesing for a lakefront campsite. The park was surprisingly busy and finally we settled on a spot. To my delight we had our own path down to our own little private beach on the Okanagan. What a treat! Finally I got to take that dip!

Jason and I decided to do one touristy thing and rented some jet skis. Jason rented the 260 horse power, supercharged Kawasaki (vroom, vroom 0-70 mph in 3 seconds). Sounded something like the Navi; you who know, know what I mean! I rented the scooty, puff Jr. (topping out at 60 mph). The lake was so glassy and being a Friday morning, we had it all to ourselves.

We also took in the Kelowna Farmer’s Market. We got cherries, peaches, corn, potatoes, carrots, and a massive onion. We also stocked up on some wildflower honey and a few homemade mini pies.

Due to our lack of activity and the aforementioned mini pies, we decided to hike the Bear Creek Canyon Trail the morning we left. Not overly challenging but a very interesting hike along one side of the canyon rim, down to the creek, and back up the other side. It was great to get back into the groove of hiking. We hope to some more. Being half way done our vacation we are heading south. See ya later!

3 Responses to Kick, Snip, and a Dip

  1. Kyle

    Okay some of the places you visit make me consider camping again. Beautiful sites to see and I’m sure it’s been a good vacation so far. Kara the short hair looks great on you! Hope all is well.

  2. Alice

    Was shocked to see your hair gone when I got the picture in your e-mail but it looks great!

  3. Cassandra

    Jet skis are awesome! Have fun