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Hiking in a snowstorm at Wilcox Creek

Posted by on September 5, 2012

Our next planned stop was at Wilcox Creek very near to the Columbia Icefield. We made good time and managed to get the same premium camp spot we had the last time we were threw. Good ole’ 43. It was a nice sunny day which was good because we needed to recharge our batteries after our shaded stay at Whistlers campground. We got in a few good hours of sun before it hid behind the trees, just enough to get us by for a few nights.

The next day was a bit gloomy and overcast; I guess it’s the price you pay for setting up camp next to a glacier. It seems to make it’s own weather. The day was cool, so we decided to hike the nearby trail to Wilcox Pass. Like the last, this trail had no posted restrictions regarding dogs, so we suited everyone up and pointed ourselves at the summit. Although it seems obvious, I found it quite fascinating to ascend threw the thick ceder and emerge above the treeline. We continued upward, through the grassy tundra but not before it started to precipitate on us. It started as a light mist, then a shower, then freezing rain, then the biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen. At this point carrying on to the summit seemed pointless as visibility had dropped to 15 meters or less. To add the hardship, Lincoln was wet and cold and refused to walk another step. Kara and I were both fairly well dressed for the day, Lincoln however only brought a light jacket (for shame!). We dried him off as best we could a stuffed him in my jacket for the decent. It sounds pretty treacherous, but it was actually very beautiful to watch the snow quilt the mountain in white as we headed back to camp.

As we neared our trailer we saw a sharp looking F250 with a brand new pop-up camper in the box. It reminded us of Tom and Janet’s Overlander Rig, and so we stopped to greet them. It was manned by Eric and Barb, of Colorado. We told them of the similarities of their setup to that of Tom and Janet’s and the back story of their trip through Argentina and South America and were quite surprised to hear that Eric and Barb had lived in both Argentina and Chile. We will certainly have more questions for you folks later…


5 Responses to Hiking in a snowstorm at Wilcox Creek

  1. Amber

    Hi you guys! First of all you look aaaaamazing!!!
    I enjoyed your last few vacation posts, looks like lots of fun and adventure!
    You’ll be shocked to hear that I stayed in a tent for my first time last Sat. night. We spontaneously went to Narrow Hills Provincial Park, and I must say lots of fun:)
    Take care!!!
    Kara, coffee???

    • Kara

      Yes I will be looking forward to getting together for coffee! We will be back in October.

  2. Auntie Diane and Auntie Vi

    Cute dog. The photography is awesome! Looks like you are having a good time. We are at your Mom and Dad’s and have again enjoyed an awesome meal.

  3. Jewel Toews

    Great pictures 🙂 Sounds like a great time and the food looks good!

  4. Jawad

    Hey Guys! All posts are really interesting to watch and read. Hope Lincoln is liking BC. His picture inside your jacket is funny. Cheers!