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A good day for a Tram ride in Jasper

Posted by on September 17, 2010

Part of the reason that we made haste back to Jasper is because the clouds were predicted to clear skies today. So this morning we headed up to the Jasper Tramway first thing in the morning.

The lineup was pretty short, we only waited for 2 cars. In 7 minuets we were at 2277 meters. The view up at the top was great, we spent a couple hours at the top and had a snack. I (Jason) wanted to make the hike 2km to the summit, but sadly once we were there I realized that I was wearing my crocs. So we could not make the hike.

Since we had poor weather a week ago at when we were at Maligne Lake, we headed out there and took the boat tour. You can see why this is the most photographed location in Canada.

On the way back to town we decided to have visit Kimchi House again, but that’s another story.

Then we headed back to the camp spot and we saw Frank and Isabelle on our way in. We invited them over to our campsite for some campfire and a visit.

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