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Hot Springs, Hiking, and Home

Posted by on October 1, 2012

Our vacation is sadly coming to an end. The past few days have been spent enjoying the hot springs and doing some hiking. We had one good soak in Fairmont and had two quiet evenings in Radium. Well, from what we were told 50 other people in the pool is considered really quiet!

Our only unfortunate event to this relaxing reprieve was the demise of our camera. A hike that started out sunny, ended in a major thunderstorm. We were drenched, Lincoln was trying to climb under every rock, and despite our best efforts, the camera got a soak too. Ugh, mountain weather. Oh well, back to the prairies where we can see a thunderstorm coming for days; and watch the dog run away for three days too. Yes, back home we go. 🙁

Before returning home, we stopped in Calgary to meet with overlanders Tom and Janet. Two amazing people that have traveled all over the world. They actually drove from Alaska to Argentina! Not to mention driving all though Africa a few years before that. We thought that if we ever want to travel out of Canada and the US, then we really want to talk to these people!!

How does one come about meeting such awesome adventurers you might ask? Well funny story… We had kept contact with the Swiss couple that were traveling through North and Central America, Frank and Isabel. In one of their pictures taken in Central America, I spotted an Alberta license plate. What!! Anyway, this was Tom and Janet, the Adventurous Spirits. Now after meeting them in person, truly an appropriate name! We had a wonderful visit and I’m sure we will have many more questions for them in the future.

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