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Mosquito Creek back to Jasper

Posted by on September 16, 2010

So today we woke up to another day of rain! We were planning on stopping at Rampart Creek only 66 km from Mosquito Creek. So off we went in the rain and snow! When we got to Rampart Creek we were not looking forward to setting up the trailer in the snow. The spots were small and cozy, so we would have enjoyed staying in better weather.

We continued down the parkway in the snow. We stopped at a scenic lookout to watch some crazy tourists chasing sheep up the side of a mountain. There was a scenic lookout on side of the road on the edge of a cliff and on the other side of the road a mountain side almost straight up. So when the goats were feeling a little overwhelmed they would climb up the mountain side almost straight up. It is just amazing how well they can climb.

As we continued down the parkway amazingly the weather changed! As we got closer to Jasper the sun started to come out. The scenery was just beautiful. The trees were changing to their fall colors and the fresh snow on the mountains and pine trees were so pretty. We enjoyed the rest of our drive into Whistler campground in Jasper.

The rest of our evening was uneventful. We got a really great spot at Whistler. When we stayed there on our way up we were disappointed by the campsites as they were very close with few trees and our neighbors were rowdy. Our spot this time was excellent and very quiet. Perfect!!

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