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Camping at Eagle Creek

Posted by on May 16, 2010

Camping in the snow sure did not quench Kara’s urge to camp!

This weekend we went to Eagle Creek Regional Park, a short 40 minute drive from hitch to unhitched. It does not have some of the frills of big park destinations – There is not much for beach, water-slides or sailboat rentals. But that is not what we look for going camping. We want to be as far away from all that as we can.

The landscape here is mostly Prairie Bush with a side of valley and a dash of creek. There is not much for tall trees here, so on a hot day you should bring your own shade. But they do have a nice segregated tenting section off in the back. And even though I need to do some pretty fancy driving and backing to get the trailer back there – without peeling the A/C off the roof on the only tree. But the seclusion is worth the headache. They do have 67 RV spots too, so in the heat of summer we will sometimes go here to make use of the hookups to run the A/C.

We enjoyed fishing on their trout pond on Friday and Saturday. We have caught as many as 15 trout a day there in the fall of last year, using only spoons and spinners, but they were all too small to keep. This time the fish we were catching were all quite a bit bigger then before. Kara caught one that must have been 15 inches long, and I caught a bigger one too – but for some reason the big ones would jump high out of the water and throw the hook just before we landed them. I did land one keeper and since we just wanted to taste them, this was big enough for us this time.

I was surprised how easy it was to prepare, compared to a Pike.

  1. Off the head.
  2. Out with the innards, Off with the scales
  3. Wash, Salt, Pepper, Butter and wrap in tinfoil.

When cooked, the skin sticks to the foil and when you open it the meat picks right off the bones – Pick up the backbone and all the rest of the bones come with it. Proceed to eat side #2.

Not much else of interest, Lots of relaxing on the hammock. Then when night fell, I had some fun with long exposures, setting the tripod up on the fire and writing with my new green laser.

Oh, that reminds me! If you have a high power green laser try this… Go some place and wave it back and forth at the sky, Every coyote for 10K was howling – There were lots of them.

Ok, that’s all – Goodnight

PS… Who’s coming with, next time?

3 Responses to Camping at Eagle Creek

  1. Rob

    Is Kara reading that book upside-down?

  2. Alice Dutcyvich

    What happened to the comment I typed before?

  3. Jason

    It’s still there, you can see it here