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Birthday Camping in April

Posted by on April 25, 2010

This spring has been fantastic here in Saskatchewan. We have had so many warm, sunny days many with temperatures reaching the high teens and even twenties. Jason and I have been excited to start camping again this year and due to the unusually warm spring we decided to go to our favorite camping spot for my birthday. But if you are from Saskatchewan you know that the weather can change in an instant. Where else do you need to use your air conditioning and heater within the same day!

Jason and I both had Friday off so we set out to the national park right after work on Thursday. It takes us just under three hours from our place to our prime camping spot at Trappers Lake in Prince Albert National Park. The camping area only has five spots situated beside the lake. There is no water or power so you are pretty much on your own. That’s just fine by us! It should come as no surprise that we were the only people there on the weekend! It is so quiet and peaceful there; a real retreat away from the city.

We had great weather for most of Friday. It was sunny and warm so I spent most of the morning in my new hammock. The rest of the day we sat down by the beach and soaked in the sun. Unfortunately the rain started in the afternoon and that was the end of the sun for the weekend. Mom and Dad joined us for supper and brought me a delicious carrot cake to celebrate my big day.

Saturday morning we woke up to a white surprise! We had about an inch of wet snow overnight. Not wanting to spent the whole day in the trailer we ventured over to the group camping area where they have a shack with a wood stove. We built a fire and we were very comfortable. In the shack there were a whole bunch of butterflies. Yes, you read right. Butterflies! They couldn’t move due to the cold but as we started to heat up the shack the butterflies revived and floated around. They were very beautiful being orange with black dots and one white dot on each wing. I think that they may have been Monarchs Compton Tortoiseshells but I am no butterfly expert!

Jason and I had a wonderful and relaxing day even with the poor weather. We enjoyed cooking our supper on the wood stove. I had a blast watching the butterflies and all the various kinds of birds in the area. Didn’t get to see any bears this trip but that okay by me! We were so sad to have to leave on Sunday but we will be back!

5 Responses to Birthday Camping in April

  1. Tim

    Looks like it turned out to be not that bad of a weekend. We thought you guys would be frozen, kind of like the butterflies! Looks like it was fun, when its warm enough to tent, we’ll have to join you again. I’ve got a longing for that place, too bad we never made it there with you guys last year.

    Oh, and (belated) Happy Birthday Kara! 🙂

  2. Ken Irwin

    Hi Guys!
    Way to get out and camp early. Can’t believe you got snow. Take care.

  3. Jewel

    Wow camping in snow! The cake looked good

  4. Alice Dutcyvich

    Happy we were able to join you in the rain! Was great to be there at Trappers. Looking forward to coming again in the summer when the weather is a little better. The picture of the cake is great. Your perfectionist father, Kara, did it again! That’s the candle placement, not the cake!

  5. Jason

    Yes, it was good to have you out. We too are looking forward to when you can come again, with more sunshine this time.