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The first week with a Puppy

Posted by on September 10, 2011

Our first week as puppy parents has come and gone. Our worries of being kept up all night and house-training horror stories were all for naught.

Every single night he goes to sleep right away and even seems a little grumpy that we woke him to go pee in the middle of the night.  After the second night we thought we would let him wake us when he had to go out, he didn’t. He slept right through the night. We are starting to see the light about crate training and are happy we chose this method.

During the day, he comes to work with me. I’ve been allowed to take him to work while we house train him and that is working out great! He sits quietly in his crate and naps in spite of the door being open. I’m very happy with his good manors at work. When we get home, he gets fed (again) and lots of play time in the back yard as we can’t take him for walks quite yet.

He has had lots of social attention too! We’ve had what seems like an endless stream of visitors and an equal number of “Dog Sitting” offers. We’ve also already had 2 sessions with our trainer “Karen” and our own training at home is going well too. You really do need to work on training fast, because at this age it seems he has about 42 seconds of attention span.

Now, Enjoy some backyard romping photos. Thanks to Noah for sharing some of his pictures too.

One Response to The first week with a Puppy

  1. Craig

    The “Strike a pose” photo is precious! Greetings from Wilmington Delaware