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Posted by on June 18, 2011

The time is going by so fast! Before we hitched up to go back inland we stopped for a few groceries and a visit to the local fish market on the Newport pier. This fish market has lots of freshly caught seafood to choose from and all fairly priced. A spread of fresh seafood to choose from is a real treat for us Saskatchewan folks. We picked up a thick slab of Chinook salmon, 10 massive prawns, and a whole cooked Dungeness crab!

So we were back on the road again. We decided to take the 101 down to Reedsport to maximize our ocean views. This portion of the highway was far more scenic than the last. We hugged the coast all the way down and even got some great views of sea lions hanging out of the rocks. All the big males fighting over who owns the rock and all the females not really caring so much. More excitement than the sleeping sea lion at the aquarium.

After a few hours of driving we pulled into the Valley if the Rogue State Campground to use as our base camp for our next two excursions; Crater Lake and the Redwoods. Of course, the supper entree was a whole crab and fire grilled prawns. These prawns where bigger then any chicken leg I’d ever had!

Today we went to see the old growth redwoods on the California coast. We found a write up online saying that the Jedediah Smith Redwood State park had the largest redwoods by volume, although maybe not the tallest. That was fine by me, easier on my neck! Ha, ha! 🙂

As we pulled in, the road was exactly as promised, dirt and basically one car wide. After a short drive we found the trailhead for the Stout Memorial Grove, not quite sure how long the trial was. Once you get into the redwoods, the sheer number and size of these trees is memorizing, so you just keep on walking and taking it all in. After hiking through the trees we continued down the narrow dirt road through the park towards Crescent City. The road is so narrow at times it seems as though Navi can hardly squeeze between the two redwoods. For much of the road you have to pull over and wait for other cars to pass and wait for your turn to go between the trees. At one time this area was intended to be leveled and turned into an interstate. That would have been such a pity, as it is so beautiful.

At Crescent City we found ourselves again back at the ocean. We enjoyed our packed lunch on the beach front with the pelicans to entertain us. We have all seen pelicans at the weir in Saskatoon, but neither of us have seen them in action! There were about 8 of them feeding in the bay. They would fly up a few feet above the water and then tuck in their wings while going into a roll as they dived into the water. Then they would surface with a mouth/pouch full of water and other delights. Much like you would use a lid to strain out the macaroni, they would strain out the water and more often then not they would have a decent sized fish flapping around in their pouch. We all know how this works, but it was quite the thing to see.

We hope you all enjoy the mediocre photography.

One Response to Redwoods!

  1. Darren & Fay

    I can see from all the great pics, and complaints of twisty roads in a camper that this August is going to be a lot of fun on the “speed bike”