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Finally we get to Trappers Lake – what a headache!

Posted by on May 28, 2011

This year we had a tough time getting to Trappers as early as we wanted to. But on the May long weekend we finally made it. The weather was the best we’ve ever had, calm and sunny with just enough breeze to keep the bugs down. The other people were great neighbors too, which makes a big difference.

The couple across from us brought a canoe and the fishing was good for them. It makes me wish I had brought ours. Other then this there was not much to report, we had a really nice time doing nothing but relaxing. In fact I had little to write about and didn’t even finish this post.

But then on the way home Monday night, the story changed. We were heading back nice and slowly, trying to set a fuel economy record when the engine suddenly lost power and started making a pufft, pufft, pufft sound! I thought for sure it was the head gasket, burnt valve or blown out spark plug which isn’t uncommon in the 5.4L

I called Kyle who has connections in the PA area. He arranged for us to leave the trailer at his Dads and then drove from Saskatoon to pick us up while we had the truck towed to the Ford dealer in PA. We got a ride with Kyle back to toon-town with heavy hearts having spent several hundred on towing and a token for Kyle and expecting a pricy repair on the motor – all one week before our big trip. Could I still trust the truck to make it to Cali and back pulling the trailer?

Then on Tuesday I called to get the news on the truck… It was a small hose that runs from the exhaust manifold to a pressure sensor, it had blown itself off. It made me feel like a bit of a schmuck because I could have fixed it myself out on the side of the road. All that worry (and expense) over such a small thing.

Then the next Yesterday we went back with the car after work to pick it up and get the trailer, and we find that it is locked in the compound! Arg! After a hour of calling around, we finally got the service manager to come out and open the gate for us. Since we are mostly at trappers anyway, we put a top up of food in the trailer and headed north again.

It’s a bit cool and breezy here this weekend, what we consider normal for Trappers. It will likely be pretty uneventful, but you’ll never know, there may be a update to this post yet.

In closing, this will be our last post… before our big USA trip. We will probably not be posting every day as we have in the past, but we will try and keep you updated with little tweets when we can. You can see our last few tweets in the top left corner of our site, or see a longer list by going to Our Twitter Page.

5 Responses to Finally we get to Trappers Lake – what a headache!

  1. Kyle

    Those pictures look absolutely amazing! I need to get a high-res copy of the top three you posted (if you’re willing). Anyway, on the upside at least it was cheaper than what what you were originally thinking, although I can understand the frustration after you learned what it really was. Hope the weekend is going great!

  2. Jason

    @Kyle, of course you can have the pictures.

    I spoke to soon about having an uneventful weekend. On the way back to Saskatoon the truck koncked out again. I left the trailer in Duck Lake and limped the truck back to Saskatoon. I really hope that we can get this sorted out before our big trip.

  3. Dawn

    Beautiful pictures by the way. As I was leaving this comment I noticed yours…. I can’t believe that your having yet another vehicle ” hiccup”. My thoughts go out to you guys as you prepare for the big trip.

  4. Jason

    Success!! Finally got the truck sorted out. It turns out the Catalytic Converters burnt up. So we got them cut out and now we are good to go!

  5. Jawad

    Hey Jason and Kara, Lovely moments, very well captured!
    Best of luck for your upcoming trip! I’ll miss you guys.