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Day Trip into Golden

Posted by on September 11, 2010

Today we woke up to another rainy day so it worked out to be a perfect day to drive into Golden for supplies. Lake Louise was limited and the selection at Field was even worse. We were in desperate need of some civilization!

We drove the half hour drive into Golden. The highway was under construction, however it was mostly done so the road was premium. We went for breakfast at Smitty’s and got some info on the best Laundromat in town. After breakfast it was time for laundry, which we were also in dire need of. The laundromat was within a block of a cute little Sobey’s store. We were able to get everything we needed and then some.

After our productive day we were on our way back to the campsite. The weather was quite rainy and foggy when we were heading into Golden, but it had lifted a little and we were able to see the amazing scenery when we left. When you are doing the last 10km into Golden you feel like a mountain goat, almost clinging to the side of the rock face. The road is extremely curvy with very sharp drops off the sides. If you look way down below you can see the train tracks next to the Kicking Horse River. It was all an awesome experience and we were really glad that we took the day trip. It feels good to be stocked up on groceries and clean laundry.

When we got back to the campsite we went for a little walk. We walked from our campsite to an old camp baking oven made of stacked rocks. It marks the spot of the first railway construction camp in the Kicking Horse Valley circa 1884. It was really neat.

After our hike it was time for supper. We made the most awesome supper! We did our famous Dutch oven chicken and rice, which we have received rave reviews on. (Thanks Dawn!!) In addition to the chicken we also had appetizers, yes appetizers when camping. We purchased some fantastic blueberry goat cheese in Golden so we had to try some on crackers. We also had blueberry pie for dessert; that Jason warmed up on the leftover briquets. Overall, a really fancy meal for roughing it in the bush!!

Tomorrow we move on. We are thinking somewhere in Banff National Park.

One Response to Day Trip into Golden

  1. Amber

    Yum…..that warm pie sounds yummy:)