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The Black Eyed Peas are in Saskatoon!

Posted by on August 21, 2010

And I couldn’t care less…

We are off to Trappers Lake this weekend, and while there are two lanes solid heading out to SaskPlace, we were heading north, way north, for real.

We got to Trappers at about 8:00 and quickly got a fire going, Costco franks proceeded. The weather was a bit cool which is nice because the bugs are staying bundled up in there little bug homes and we snuggled around the fire.

Last weekend we hosted Dave and Dawn here at trappers, I wish the weather would have been this nice for them, but we made due talking around the table in the trailer.

This morning we went into town and rented a fishing boat and headed out for a couple of hours, but we got skunked. Spirits were further lowered because I nicked the prop on the boat.

We have be so very blessed to be able to go out camping almost every weekend this summer with the exception of Dave & Dawns wedding and one weekend we went home. (and Alaska, of course)

We went for a short 1km walk up the road on Saturday and found the patch of wild blueberries that we saw an older couple indulging in last weekend. There are not enough to warrant a trip out here just for berries, but a nice treat while you are here. We also found a wild cranberries out here, and of course “northern berries”, as far as the eye could see.

This weekend has been fairly perfect, Not another soul in sight, the temperature could not be better either, warm enough to sit out and relax in a t-shirt and just cool enough in the evenings to enjoy the campfire. At times it is so silent it’s almost eerie, but then there is just a breath of breeze through the trees to remind you that your not dreaming. Wish you were here.

Next weekend we’re of to Delaronde Lake with Kathy and Scott and then a week later we are off to Jasper~Banff area for a couple of weeks.

I leave you with a couple of pictures from this weekend…

4 Responses to The Black Eyed Peas are in Saskatoon!

  1. Greg

    The northern berries you refer to are actually called Bunch Berries, or CrackerBerry and is a member of the dogwood family.

  2. Dawn Humphreys

    Sounds like the two you had an amazing weekend at Trappers. Dave and I look forward to joining the two of you again and hopefully we will be as blest then as you were this past weekend.
    By the way, I enjoyed the meal you made for us when we went camping (the one with the chicken and rice) that I made it for my parents last Friday night (in the oven though). FYI to others that may read this, this recipe is a keeper and can be found on one of the past entries.


  3. Amber

    Your summer sounds sooo wonderful! Quiet, peaceful, full of the beauty of nature! Enjoy those two weeks to Banff and Jasper. I was gonna ask Kara for coffee next week, but think you may be gone.
    Enjoy the rest of those camping trips!

  4. Jewel

    Nice pictures, good catch on the fish 🙂