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Trappers Lake – July Long

Posted by on July 4, 2010

Dumb iPad lost our post again. A rehashed version to follow.

Boy oh boy, what a weekend. We set out on Wednesday night hoping that the poor forecast would reduce the amount of traffic and maybe (just maybe) we would get a spot.

We got there just in time to set up, get a fire going and then relax and watch the sunset. Thursday morning we got up, had a bite to eat and went out fishing. Not more than 4 casts into the day, Kara’s reel breaks. Oh well, we shared my rod and I trolled a bit when Kara was fishing. Not long after we got to my little spot, I caught a couple of small pike. I passed Kara the rod and worked at getting he fish untangled from the net. Kara was just dangling the lure into the water and the next thing you know the rod bends right under the boat and Kara is hollering like crazy. There was a decent pike on the line! She landed it just fine and then we had enough for lunch.

Then on Friday we decided to drive into Waskesiu to see about getting Kara a new reel or rod/reel combo. Not much in town for that, but we hit the jackpot at the marina. It was here we learned that you can rent a decent 16ft boat for $35hr or a bigger 18ft one for $45. Sure, why not – gotta try the new rod in style right? We went to a few spots that looked good to me, no dice. Then we went over near kings island, we endured a short rain shower and then the fish started jumping. Then wouldn’t you know it, Kara gets her line caught… on a 4.2lb Walleye. Man alive, her first weekend fishing with me and she’s outfishing me left and right. 🙂

It’s all good, we had a great time and now a great lunch. We went fishing at trappers again in the evening but didn’t keep anything.

Then Saturday, what a challenge! We got all packed up and ready for the Spruce River Highlands trail. We have done the first part of it before, there where some steep sections, but overall the trail was good. But the trail after this point was brutal, we struggled to move fast enough to keep the thick bugs behind, but slow enough to not overheat. And the bugs were the worst I have ever seen. (including earthquake park in Alaska) 😡

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and licking our wounds. Sunday we had a relaxing time and then left for home mid afternoon.

All in all, a good 4 day weekend. We had some good fishing times, some good sunsets, and I will not comment further on the hiking.

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