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Kenai Fjords Tour in Seward

Posted by on June 19, 2010

Argh, Dumb iPad lost my 2 page post, so now you get the abridged version.

Today we went on our scheduled Kenai Fjords Tour, last year when we went it was cloudy like this and our captain said that this was great weather for seeing whales because the “bait ball” fish come to the surface and the whales follow them there. So when I woke to a cloudy day was not too worried.

We got our boarding tickets and a fridge magnet and lined up on the docks to board, when we heard that caption Steve was on the boat we were happy, because we heard through the grapevine that he was very good.

The is not much that I can write that will do this trip justice, and the pictures will not do any better. It was a tough day for photography with low light and fast action. This trip was whale free, but we still saw a good deal of other wildlife. This included but not limited to porpoises, sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, puffins, the common murre and cormorants to name a few.

We also went to Aialik Glacier which Mom and Dad really enjoyed. There is no amount of explaining or mouth sounds to convey the bone jarring crack and thunder of a glacier calving. So I’m glad they got to stop and see it for a while.

After the main part of the tour we went for the included supper at fox island. It was a buffet style prime rib, salmon and optionally king crab legs. They brought in a park ranger to give a talk on the area and show some slides as we ate, so that was good too.

After that we all got back on the boat and headed for seaward, I went up to thank Captain Steve for the very good tour and the others went ahead. By the time I got off the boat the others had gone ahead. When we all caught up together, Kara had found a fishing charter that just got in and hung up their catch. We all huddled with the crowd as they took their pictures. Quite a thing to see a collection of fish like is. There where halibut, cod, rockfish and to our surprise, octopus.

Back to the hotel, in the morning we pack up and drive back to anchorage and catch our flight to Vancouver.

Location: Seward, United States

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