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Our Mid-Summer Post

Posted by on September 1, 2011

Hello All!

It seems like summer has gone by so quickly, but when we stop and look back – we’ve had about the best you could ask for. Kara was the celebrity photographer at her cousins wedding, getting to show off all she learned at a course she took this spring. Our big vacation turned out really great and we’ve had super weather all summer. One little fly in the ointment is that the road to Trappers Lake was washed out by rain when we were in the States. 😥 We have had to make due with Eagle Creek and Pike Lake for our weekend retreats. But even that has it’s problems, some clown inevitably wants to listen to music until 12:30am and your stuck listening to it. One morning we were pulling our trailer back to town and I looked at all the ranch style yards with big areas of trees and I said to Kara “It sure would be nice if we could rent a chunk of land out here and just make our own little private campground”.  So that week I looked on Kijiji for someone renting land for hay or pasture and maybe they would let us set up our trailer in some unusable corner for a minimal fee.

Fast-Forward to Tuesday, the phone system at the office died. Being the hacker that I am, I pulled it apart and checked the power supply, It worked – But the main board was shorted with no visible problem. So that night I took it to my Electronics mentor, let’s call him TJ… He helped me fix it and then as I was leaving, it dawned on me !!!You have land!!!  I explained our plight “we just want a quite place to be quite and enjoy a fire together… “Sure, No Problem” he said.

The next night we drove out, it’s only a 1/2 hour from town and the spot was perfect, A little cozy area carved out of the trees in the far corner of his land… So very Perfect. That weekend we pulled out there and set up. I brought our fire pit and a wood to build a picnic table. In no time at all we had the perfect little spot – not even a week after we started looking. To top it all off, TJ came to see our setup and then gave us a tour of his land and yard.  He said that we are welcome to anything in the garden, we are welcome to collect dead-fall for firewood – We can even use the pool! We can’t thank you and your family enough. Thank you, thank you, thanks!

In other news, we’re getting a puppy! I’ve known that Kara wanted a dog for a while. But choosing the right size and energy level breed is a very important choice. Kara wanted a smaller dog, but not to girly or poofy. And it had to be smart and affectionate. Then last fall we were at pike lake and there was a group of campers gathered around the fire-pit and we got invited to join. At some point there was a Boston Terrier that came and sat by Kara’s feet, what a little gentlemen. Kara was very impressed by this dog and so she began to research them. Some of our more attentive readers may remember that Kara ran into a Boston Terrier this spring and was also very impressed. Remember?, We mentioned it here. Anyway, long story short, Kara looked and looked and finally found a breeder with a litter. She got on the list and sent in the deposit and waited. Tomorrow is the big day!!! He is just a puppy right now (8 weeks) but we both think they look pretty handsome as a full grown adult too.

There will be some challenges, no doubt – Properly training a dog is not a walk in the park, But we’re going to have fun doing it. It should be rewarding. We will no doubt be posting more pictures and video tomorrow night.

5 Responses to Our Mid-Summer Post

  1. Kyle

    The little private campground looks perfect! Camping heaven for you guys no doubt. Lincoln looks uber cute too! Hopefully we can catch up with you guys soon!

  2. Charlene

    LOVE the new addition!! Very cute.. name?? You had a beautiful private campground.. I’m impressed with all the miles you guys drove! Are there more wedding pictures to view? This one is so good! Kara, do you wanna do some kid photo’s?! 😉

  3. Dawn

    Very nice summer recap! That’s awesome that you’ve found yourselves your own private camping spot. Can’t wait to meet Lincoln, he’s such a cutie.

  4. Alice

    I haven’t mentioned this before but I really like how the picture changes each time you open up the blog. That looks really techie. Good job.

    • Jason

      Thanks! It was easy to do and I think it encourages visitors to stay and look around. It’s like the toy in a Cracker Jacks box!