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Our arrival at Yellowstone National Park

Posted by on June 28, 2011

For the first half of this trip we seemed to be making little distance and we wondered how we would make it back in time and still see everything on the list. So we decided to be more efficient with our time and put emphasis on making up some distance and spend less time relaxing at the campsites. This was hard and made the trip into more of a job then a vacation, but it had to be done. As we entered our last week on the road we could see that we could relax a bit more, the end was in sight.

So we packed up at Moab and headed for Yellowstone. We knew we would not make it in one day, but we would take a big chunk out of it. We made it past Salt Lake City to a campground near Logan ??? and called that home for the night. The next morning we got some groceries and filled with fuel (and air).

Remember that flat tire near the Grand Canyon? The patch didn’t seal, it’s still leaking! (albeit slowly) I have been filling it whenever I can and monitoring the pressure, but I figured I should have it looked at. We stopped in Pocatello to get it re-patched, but soon learned that the inside of the tire (which should be smooth) was cracking. He could not get it to seal either. 🙁 These tires have seen better days, and I intended to replace them before snow flew anyway. So they put a new set of Toyo’s on the truck, and we made lunch in the trailer.

This put us behind schedule by 2 hours, so we were late to arrive at Yellowstone. “All the campgrounds are full by 11:00am” the lady at the gate told us. So we backtracked a bit and stayed at a KOA. The next morning we got up early and went straight to the park and made a beeline for Indian Creek campground. Kara’s research indicated it was nice, small, and rustic, just the way we like it! We got a really nice spot that reminded us of the peaceful, relaxing times at Trappers. It was really great!

That night we went to Mammoth Springs (the town) to get some sour cream (which turned out to be Dairy Free 🙁 ) We also went and saw Mammoth Springs (the natural wonder) and the nearby sights and then went back to the trailer for some more R&R.

2 Responses to Our arrival at Yellowstone National Park

  1. Jawad

    Hey guys, what happened? I hope everything’s good with you guys .. where have you reached in canada?

  2. Kyle

    Photos look awesome! I like the new theme on your site too!