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Ice Fishing in Saskatchewan

Posted by on February 6, 2011

What have we been up to? We’ve had a pretty peaceful winter season this year. We dragged on camping until the bitterly cold end. Christmas was fairly low key this year, not to much for big “get togethers”… Other then the normal grind, not a whole lot to report.

Kara and I have had several opportunities to go ice fishing at Blackstrap Lake with Kevin, a friend of mine. Yesterday Tim came along and we had a great time. Last year we only caught perch, But this year we are catching only Pike in spite of hundreds of perch on the Fish-Cam. I’ve put together this short video with pictures from this year as well as a few from last year. It started out as a video showing how to fillet and de-bone Pike (or Jack, Northerns), But it was getting too long and gory – So I added some banjo music in there and a few pictures for you, Enjoy!

4 Responses to Ice Fishing in Saskatchewan

  1. Kevin

    Hah very nice. Dad has a friend that has a shack by the golf course like last year. He caught 9 perch out of it yesterday and saw white fish on the camera. I’ll see if we can use it this Saturday.

  2. Tim

    Very nice indeed! The banjo music, it just works! Also the lack of jackets while pulling fish out of the ice, really shows just how great the weather was that day on the lake. Great montage, look forward to more to come!

  3. Crystal

    I too enjoyed the video and the banjo music. Also thanks for deboning Tim’s fish…it made for a very tasty supper tonight!

  4. Alice

    Wow! Those fried fish look awesome! Reminds me of when I taught at Deschambeault over 40 years ago. You could throw your line into the water and catch a fish in a few minutes right from the shore. I used to fillet fish then put it’s too long ago. It looks like Jason is becoming a real pro at it.
    I’ve never seen those cameras in action but it would be interesting to see all those perch even if they weren’t biting that day.
    Looks like lots of fun.