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Elk Island to Jasper

Posted by on September 3, 2010

Elk Island National Park was a real treat and we were sad to have to leave in the morning but our goal was Jasper so we had to continue on. We left Elk Island around 10am and rolled through Edmonton with only a quick stop for gas. The trip went fairly quickly and within no time we were already at the Jasper National Park boarder (us and a couple hundred other RVs)! The park proved to be very busy but I guess that is what one would expect for a long weekend.

We had reserved at spot at Whistler campground which was a very good decision as there was no vacancy. The campground is huge and we are a very small fish in a big sea, again!! The spots are a little crowded with not much privacy from our neighbors, but better than a Walmart parking lot!

We relaxed for a bit after set up and than decided to go sightseeing. We drove out to Pyramid Lake, only about 7 km out of Jasper. The lake is very scenic with a mountain backdrop. You can walk the bridge from the road to Pyramid Island. A neat scenic walk if you have 15 minutes to spare.

After our Pyramid Lake adventure the sun was already setting and we were feeling like supper. Thanks to the app we were able to find a Korean restaurant in Jasper. If you know us, you know we were very excited!!

We went to Kimchi House Korean Restaurant for supper. Although the BBQs were not in the tables as were are accustomed to the atmosphere was very clean and classy. We ordered our favorite Bulgogi dish however due to a miscommunication we ended up getting two orders of Bul-gal-bi. This dish contains delicious marinated beef short ribs and was absolutely excellent. Due to the error the restaurant also provided us with complementary Bulgogi as well. Everything was very good. Excellent kimchi and super attentive service. I know that we are only in Jasper for a short time but it will be very hard for us to not frequent this restaurant while we are here.

We left Jasper very full and satisfied. On our way back to the campsite we encountered some elk on the road. I guess it’s not Jasper if you don’t see your share of elk and sheep! We did see a massive male elk with a huge rack, right in in the campgrounds. We have been told to use caution as they are in rutting season right now. Of course we will; but not everyone listened!

We picked up some wood and are making good use of our fire permit tonight. It is a beautiful starry night and not too cold. What else could you ask for?!

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