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Fishing at Lake Diefenbaker

Posted by on August 29, 2010

Jason and I were looking forward to great pike fishing this weekend, but unfortunately fishing at Delaronde didn’t work out for us. Scott and Kathy have lots on their plate with their new addition, so we had to take a rain check on it. Wanting to make the most of the remainder of our fishing season we decided to take a trip to Lake Diefenbaker. The lake has over 800km of shoreline and is known for its great fishing. Lake Diefenbaker holds the world record for the biggest trout at 43.6 lbs!!!

So after work on Friday we packed up and made the two hour trek south to Hitchcock’s Hideaway. This is a private facility so no worries about park fees and really reasonable for full hookup. It is only a few minuets from Hitchcock Bay and has a conference center and 26 seasonal spots. We got a really awesome spot with lots of trees for added privacy. Jason grilled up some chicken kabobs for supper and we enjoyed a big campfire under the moonlight.

Saturday we took it easy and slept in a little. We thought it would be fun to go for a mini road trip and explore the area. We headed into Birsay for brunch at the awesome small town diner. This diner / grocery store has good home cooked food and fresh home make pies and cinnamon buns. Yum! After lunch we went to the Riverhurst ferry. I (Jason) had taken this ferry many times as a kid to visit my Grandparents, so I wanted to see it again and show Kara.

We got there a little early, so we fished for a while. Once the ferry was nearing I thought that it looked different, but could not put my finger on it. It was a quick ride across. Then we went to the booming metropolis of Riverhurst, got some gas and then we we to see Palliser regional park. There I found the original cockpit from the ferry. Some more fishing while we waited on the other side. Steaks and baked potatoes for supper. We went to bed early in preparation for our big charter in the morning.

6:00am came quick enough, we had a quick breakfast and headed to the boat launch to meet our outfitter, Cory with Highland Outfitters. We started quite close to the boat launch. Kara soon got the skunk out with a 3 pounder, then it went dry for a while… Cory took us to all his regular hot spots, but to no avail. I asked Cory if anyone had ever thrown the whole rod and reel in the water, he jokingly replied “no, but today is a new day”. Then, not a half hour later, “Bloop” – I pitched the whole thing into the bay. (oh, the irony) We managed to get it out, I was so embarrassed – we agreed to blame it on the rain soaked handle. Then we headed back to the weed flats in Hitchcock Bay. Kara quickly caught a 6 pound pike, and then soon after I snagged me a 7 pounder. Kara got one more on, but her line broke.

Cory said this was one of the least productive trips he has ever done, and said next time would be better. There was a lady staying at the lodge at Hitchcock Hideaway who caught a 20lb+ pike the morning before. Next time…

3 Responses to Fishing at Lake Diefenbaker

  1. Jason


    Feel free to comment, Everyone seems to email or text me with comments – Comment, It’s Free!

  2. Cory

    Hey thanks for posting your fishing trip on your blog. You guys are very nice people and I’m glad you could enjoy the trip even with the weather and much slower than usual action.

  3. Kara

    I just wanted to add what a great job Cory did. The day was a little slower than usual but Cory took us to many weed beds and we kept on trying. It was all worth the waiting when we both got keepers! Cory definatley knows what he is doing. This is my first year fishing so I was able to learn lots. Thanks again!