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Seward to Homer and Back

Posted by on June 18, 2010

Today we went for a road trip, as we got close to the town of Sterling we saw the same thing we saw last year at this time, Hundreds of people in waders, fishing for Salmon. We didn’t get a chance to take a picture last time, but I think I have told the story to the folks before, but you can’t grasp it till you see it.

We continued past Sterling, Soldonta and Deep Creek, just before Homer is a scenic lookout spot that we had been to before. We stopped in here and had a look down into the bay. We saw an Eagle, a couple of whales and looked over to the spit. Even from here it does not look like much and one might write it off and not bother going, but we did. We drove through homer and onto the spit and found a place to park and then went for a walk on the beach/sea floor.

It is staggering how many people and cars are shoehorned onto this tiny finger of land. There are tons of fishing outfitters and gift shops here, but that’s not really our thing, so we drove back into homer for lunch at Fat Olives.

On the way back we stopped in deep creek, but it was raining so we just looked around from the warmth of the truck. We saw an eagle and a boat being launched by there tractor boat launch service. We also stopped at the Kenai Princess on the way back to check out the scenic views of the Kenai River.

When we got back to Seward we looked online for another place to eat, but nothing really compares to Ray’s on the Waterfront, so we went back there. As we were finishing up, a cruise ship was being tugged out into the bay to start it’s trip so we went for a little drive and watched that.

Location: Seward,United States

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