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Valdez to Seward

Posted by on June 17, 2010

Today we got up early to board our ferry ride to Whittier. We saw a pod of porpoises and a few Humpback breeches. The water was pretty calm, so we all enjoyed the ride and the views.

We landed in Whittier and lined up for our turn through the tunnel. It is quite the thing to drive through that tunnel, it’s 2.5 miles end to end. For most of the way in the tunnel you can’t see either end. After we made it through, we had lunch at the other side.

Once we got close to Seward, we stopped at the Salmon counting station that Marshall showed us last year, we all had a good time watching the fish staging to jump over the falls.

After that we went to Exit Glacier, it is supposed to be the “most accessible” glacier in Alaska. None of us had been here before, when we were in Seward last year we didn’t visit the glacier because there is a decent hike to see the glacier. But we thought we check it out.

The trail starts out wide and paved but after 0.5 mile it turns to crushed rock. Then a little way further it gets quite narrow and starts ascending pretty quick. It’s not long before you are above the tree line and the glacier is in sight. Mom and dad were chugging along at a pretty good rate so it was not long before we were at the the foot of the glacier.

Then we went into town and went to “Rays on the waterfront” for supper. Kara and I had a healthy serving of king crab, mom and dad both had fish dishes.

Location:Seward, United States

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