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Alaska Adventure – Saskatoon to Saskatoon Island

Posted by on May 30, 2009

Day 1 – May 30 2009

It’s hard to believe that after all this planning and waiting we are finally on our way to Alaska! Very surreal!! We were rolling out of Saskatoon by 7:00am. We made great time to Edmonton and we were there before noon only to find ourselves stuck in construction. The Yellowhead was one lane! We made a quick stop for a new air cleaner at Part Source. By this time we needed a gas fill so we stopped at Petro Canada to maximize our Petro Points! We traded in some Petro Points for 5 cents per litre savings card and with our additional MC savings it works out to 10 cents a litre less! Too bad there are no Petro Canada gas stations in Alaska.

We also wanted to hit up Campers Village in Edmonton to make sure that there was nothing more we could ever need for Alaska. I guess we were right since we bought nothing and just browsed. By this time we were famished and stopped at Swiss Chalet for dinner. We hadn’t been to Swiss Chalet before but now we can see what all the fuss is about. Two of us had salad, chicken meals, and dessert for $22 bucks (this had to have been a mistake, but we did not figure it out until we left). What a deal! Maybe have to hit it up again on the way back.

After our tasty meal we left for Grand Prairie. Not too much exciting to tell about that road. We did have a beautiful day to drive it, but lots of wind. We were driving straight on into it the whole way. Good thing we saved on gas with our Petro Points!! When we got into Grand Prairie we were a little concerned about the crazy wind. I am talking about at least 40 km/hr winds. We went to the RV park (Country Valley Road RV Park) near Grand Prairie and it was very open. They also wanted $40 for a spot no matter if we used the hook-ups or not. It is way too early on to be paying those sorts of prices, so on to the next spot.

We ended up staying at the place that was our original plan. It is a little ways out of Grand Prairie but really, what’s another few km after 10 hours of driving. We stayed our first night at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park. It is a really cute little park with about 100 spots and they all were full except two. As you can guess the pickings were a little slim on a fabulous Saturday evening. Thankfully for us the winds died down a little and we were able to enjoy our steak supper. This is a great little provincial park with a lake but I don’t think we are going to have much of a chance to enjoy it. Anyway, it was a great day with blue sky and warm weather. Day 1 is complete and I definitely need to get to bed since we have been up since 5:45! Later!!

Jason wanted me to add that the sound of children screaming and generators running make us appreciate the tranquility of Trappers that much more!!

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