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Spring is Here – I think…

Posted by on March 30, 2008

Another Saskatchewan winter has past and here we are into spring. Well at least according to the calendar we are! Jason and I spent the Easter weekend with my folks and went snowmobiling. Yes, you did read it correctly, snowmobiling!! They still have lots of snow up there and it was an absolutely perfect day for it.

We figured that most people are a little bored of the typical standing around by the snowmobile pictures. Perhaps some actions shots are in order. One never knows what wild animals they may encounter in the forest so it is good to practice some self-defense!

“Your kung-fu is weak!”

Mom prepared a fantastic turkey supper for us and of course a birthday cake for the birthday boy. Look at all those candles! Next year I think we need a bigger cake! Happy Birthday Jason!!

One Response to Spring is Here – I think…

  1. tmosh

    looks like you guys had a great time! happy birthday jason