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Tag = a game often played by children (thanks Wikipedia)

Posted by on April 7, 2007

So here’s the deal.Write 6 weird facts about yourself and “tag” your fellow bloggers to do the same on their own blogs.Let the games begin.

  1. Like Tanys, I order the same blizzard every time I go to DQ.Yup, a Mint Oreo every time!Now I noticed that DQ made Mint Oreo the spring feature blizzard.I guess everyone just wants to be cool like me.
  2. I really prefer if my foods are not touching!There are some exceptions but who can stand having ketchup getting on their mashed potatoes.Ketchup should have a side plate.
  3. I have issues with getting rid of cool socks.It doesn’t matter how many holes they have in them, if they have a cool design I just can’t send them to the dump.My collection includes: Christmas bears, dancing cows, and a plethora of stripped toe socks.
  4. On work days I wash my hands 40 times plus (with hard core scrubbing). Obsessive compulsive? I don’t think so; it just comes with the job.
  5. My favorite food is bulgogi! (Surprise, surprise)
  6. I love guys with crazy hair!!!!(only J)

OK, so since I don’t know 6 bloggers that haven’t already participated in this game, I will only tag 3:Tim, Crystal, and Amber.

2 Responses to Tag = a game often played by children (thanks Wikipedia)

  1. Gerald

    nice hair J.

  2. tmosh

    what dish would require ketchup and mash potatoes on the same plate??