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New Camera

Posted by on March 28, 2007

The Canon S45 that replaced our S40 finally gave up the ghost yesterday during/prior to the Birthday Bash. And with all the pending pictures we will be taking it was time to get a new Flashbox. dMo and tMo showed me their new Canon SD600 some weeks back and I really like the feel of it and the large screen. Normally I would try and get something like this online at a cheaper price, but I looked around and the best prices were 250-280USD and by the time I ship it here, I may as well buy it from Wally World.

So we did, we bought the SD630 for 333.33. I really like the large screen and small form factor. The one thing I thought was a bit weak was the Memory card that is included holds FOUR pictures! Really – 16 megs… Come on Canon! No big deal, I’m off to OTV to pick up a 2 gig’er.

5 Responses to New Camera

  1. tmosh

    good deal on the camera! happy belated B-day btw

  2. Dave

    Yeah, I didn’t even remember when your birthday was… 🙁

    I feel like such a noob. Grats on the camera though, you’ll have to setup a photoblogging account on something like FLICKR or put one on your blog.

    PS – Signup for facebook, it’s slick.

  3. Tim

    Yeah, or you could do it yourself….being a flash and html guy and all. Or just take the easy way out and link to FLICKR. Some people…

  4. tmosh

    kara i’m tagging you…

  5. Jason

    Ok Boys… Settle down – You with your CST Diplomas and fancy phpusbaspjsp Degrees – COOL IT! That is all.