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Bulgogi – Korean Barbeque

Posted by on March 10, 2007

So Thursday after work Kara jumps in the car and tries her best not to grin or let out the smallest smile. I of course see right through this and ask her “what are you up to?” to which she replies with a very quick “Nothing”. OK, we’ll play this game then… So about 8 seconds later she goes “what do ya want to do this weekend?

Yup, there it was, no sense fighting it – and really she did not really want to know what “I” wanted to do. She wanted me to say “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” that way she could spit out whatever made the corner of her mouth twitch. So she whips out a Yellow pages ad she printed off of mysask and blurts out “Korean Barbeque”.

Take it away Kara:

Following work on Friday, we drove to Regina and arrived at the Sandman Inn around 8:00.After booking into our Corporate King Suite, we made our way to 100 Kings Korean BBQ for our 8:30 reservation.We ordered one order of bulgogi for me and 1.5 for Jason.Those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of joining us for bulgogi, here’s your bulgogi lesson.

  1. Take delicious marinated beef (along with garlic and vegetables) and grill on the table top BBQ.
  2. Take delicious cooked beef and grilled garlic.Place on a leaf of romaine lettuce.
  3. Add special Korean bean paste.
  4. Roll in a burrito-like fashion.
  5. EAT!
  6. Accompany the bulgogi with spicy Korean side dishes, if you dare!!

After eating as much bulgogi as we possibly could, we retired back to our hotel room.We had a quick breakfast at Denny’s in the morning and drove back to Saskatoon.It was a long ways just for supper, but oh so tasty! We must do it again!

One Response to Bulgogi – Korean Barbeque

  1. Crystal

    WOW, thats pretty fantastic to just go “Hey lets head to Regina for supper” It does sound tasty though. 🙂