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Monthly Archives: March 2007

New Camera

The Canon S45 that replaced our S40 finally gave up the ghost yesterday during/prior to the Birthday Bash. And with all the pending pictures we will be taking it was time to get a new Flashbox. dMo and tMo showed me their new Canon SD600 some weeks back and I really like the feel of … Continue reading »

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Yesterday I am sitting at my desk, working away… and then my little House News widget scrolls up 2 new events. No big deal – Probably a phone call from the good folks at Sasktel wanting to save me some money by “bundling up” some “features” and then with all the money I save I … Continue reading »

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Transmission Fun

Every 100,000 Miles or so one should change the transmission fluid and filter in an automobiles transmission. Well, this last Saturday was the day for Blackie 2.0 Not only did it get 12 liters of Mercon 5 – a synthetic blended fluid and a new filter, But I thought now would be a good time … Continue reading »

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Sushi Night Forthcoming

So yesterday I took a sushi class at the Cosmo Civil Center and it was GREAT!! We made miso soup, tofu pockets, and of course, lots of sushi. How many types of sushi one might ask, LOTS! We made maki (the rolled type): California, salmon, tuna, vegetarian, and reversed maki. We also made scallops, tuna, … Continue reading »

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Bulgogi – Korean Barbeque

So Thursday after work Kara jumps in the car and tries her best not to grin or let out the smallest smile. I of course see right through this and ask her “what are you up to?” to which she replies with a very quick “Nothing”. OK, we’ll play this game then… So about 8 … Continue reading »

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